The project tasks will be organised into a number of specific work packages:

Benchmarking will be carried out through distributing surveys to HEIs, intermediary and industry. The data collected from a minimum of 150 organisations and 12 HEIs will be analysed and compared among 3 participated countries. The findings will be presented in both written and video format.

Sample questionnaire (ENG) University: co-operation & training /industry/ intermediary     ~    (ESP) Universidad: cooperación &formación/ empresa/ intermediario

Written contry report: Spain/ Austria/ UK

Comparative report: Executive Summary in English (Spanish version here) & Full  Report

Video presentation: Spain/ Austria/ UK

Having identified the needs in both supply (university) and demand (industry) sides, three schemes will be implemented targeting the universities, students and working adults.

Industry-orientated Lifelong Learning Training Scheme: On-campus and self-learning short training courses on identified topic(s). For more on the learning materials, please see “E-courses”.

Interdepartmental Scheme: Promote dialogues and determine new co-operation opportunities.

Invited Professor Scheme: Industry representatives will be giving lectures at the universities.

The philosophy, methodology applied and results of GADGET will be widely disseminated to other HEIs in the 3 countries. Relevant stakeholders will be spotted and be informed project information on a regular basis, thanks to the project newsletters. The Cafe gives a chance for both university and industry to establish dialogue and improve the communication.