Business Connections Lunch


Wednesday, October 29, 2014


Dryden Aqua, Scotland

The event was primarily a Business Connections Lunch for members of the Bright Green Business network, a Scotland wide community of businesses committed to improving and demonstrating their green credentials. Dryden Aqua hosted the event at its facilities. Dryden Aqua is a marine biological company specializing in water quality and innovative treatment technology. It has the most advanced filter glass media production facility in the world producing the best glass filter media in the market. The state of the art facility is based in Midlothian, Scotland. There were 4 key aspects to the event:

1. An overview of the Dryden Aqua company

2. Intensive networking across businesses undertaking similar improvements to their green credentials

3. A discussion on the Gadget programme, and how businesses could improve their university engagement

4. A tour of the Dryden Aqua production facility