Managing Expectations, Contracts & Funding


Sunday, July 27, 2014


U-Hatch, Glasgow Caledonian University

The second of the three training sessions was held again in the new enterprise incubator at GCU.

Many of the participants from training session one returned. The action learning exercise from the previous exercise was reviewed for each participant, and those new to the training were given an introductory session.

Each SME updated their progress from the last session and had identified key areas that they wished to focus on in this session.

A common concern was the process of managing expectations between stakeholders. This was discussed at length with each participant sharing their own experiences in this area and Professor Bruce Wood sharing his expertise. The need for clear, concise contacts was discussed as a critical issue, particularly for SMEs, in agreeing on roles and deliverables and ensuring that projects are successfully completed. Clear communication was highlighted a critical in these stages and procedures to facilitate this were discussed. 

Funding and investment was subject that the SMEs were keen to hear about. Topics discussed were opportunities within GCU, opportunities and organisations external to GCU, how to apply for funding and common difficulties faced by SMEs.

Again, the feedback was positive, as allowing the SMEs to drive the subject of the workshops ensured they left with relevant information and realistic goals going forward.