GADGET proposes a triple helix structure in each country (Spain, UK and Austria) as the most common way for enhancing the linkages between university and industry. This structure includes one university, one SME and one business intermediary in each country.

The GADGET partners have been identified on the basis of their expertise in the field, access to international networks to facilitate replication of the project results, and their potential to contribute to the project goals.

Who is involved?

Coutnry Institution Contact Person
Spain University of Alicante Spike Tang
Spain Idasa Sistemas Carolina García
Spain Fundación Empresa Universidad de Alicante de la Comunidad Valencia Rafael Lafont
Austria FH Joanneum Wenzel Rene 
Austria Start-up & Service Centre Fürstenfeld Jaqueline Egger
Austria Rosendahl Maschinen GmbH Michael Wagner
United Kingdom Glasgow Caledonian University Mark Anderson
United Kingdom AppleGreenHomes Alan Wallace
United Kingdom Scottish Chambers of Commerce Liz Cameron