Pitching & Marketing


Monday, July 7, 2014


U-Hatch, Glasgow Caledonian University

The first of the three training sessions was held in the brand new enterprise incubator at GCU.

The incubator was developed in response to a need to provide students with increased leadership skills and entrepreneurial mindsets.

A short introduction to the findings of the GADGET project so far, and the objectives it intends to achieve was given to provide participants with context.

An icebreaker kicked off the session that involved bringing and discussing an image that inspired each participant. This opened conversation and allowed each participant to become engaged and contribute to the following session.

Each SME, in turn, had the opportunity to pitch their idea in a safe environment and receive constructive feedback on their content and delivery.

After their pitch the SMEs were asked open questions pertaining to their marketing objectives, current and future routes to market, social media strategies and personal and professional obstacles in achieving their business goals. All feedback was written in post-it form which allowed each SME to take the notes away for further consideration.

These open questions allowed each SME to think broader and deeper on critical areas and highlighted areas and actions which they hadn’t considered before. Participants remarked that the workshop was personalised to their individual needs and that the environment was supportive and collaborative.