Good Practice Pilot Action for Innovative Industries: Education, Training and Exploitation

The GADGET project is a 2-year long pilot project running from October 2012 – September 2014 and is funding under the European Commission’s Erasmus Life Long Learning programme. It aims to link in with the European Commission’s Erasmus objective of reinforcing "the contribution of higher education and advanced vocational training to the process of innovation". Echoing this, GADGET's overall objective is to conduct a pilot action in 3 countries for good practice for industry needs, training and exploitation of results in environmental and energy industries.

What GADGET will be doing:

  • Stimulating linkages
  • Defining the needs of the labour market
  • Improving the skillset of graduates
  • Boosting regional economic development
  • Improving knowledge exchange
  • Identifying environmental and energy solutions
  • Promoting EU policies

How will GADGET achieve this?

The project is a pilot action. We aim to create a methodology that can be replicated by other HEIs. GADGET has been constructed around a sound methodological base: analysis leads to conclusions, conclusions to action, and action to results.

  • Step 1: Identification - determining weaknesses, current processes, knowledge gaps and good practices GADGET examines 3 areas of cooperation university-provided training for updating employee skills, the skills of future graduates, and participation of industry in research and teaching. An analysis of the state of the art in each of these areas will take place in three participating countries: Spain, UK and Austria.
  • Step 2: Implementation – establishing specific collaboration schemes After matching up supply against demand, HEI partners and industry will establish a number of pilot cooperation schemes based on the areas of teaching, research and training. Such schemes will provide case studies and lessons learned.
  • Step 3: Exploitation - transferring good practice to relevant stakeholders Focus will be on transferring good practice to other HEIs via platforms and social media. The project will culminate in a large-scale conference.